5 Reasons to Consider High Efficiency HVAC Solutions Before Next Summer

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1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient HVAC solutions aren’t just better on your wallet; they’re also better for the planet. Older air conditioning units produce greenhouse gases and waste energy – especially in the Texas heat, where they’re used extensively during long, hot summers.

2. Reduced Energy Bills

High efficiency HVAC means less waste, and that translates to lower energy bills. Inefficient units may have several hidden costs, including emergency repairs. Older units may also feature hard-to-find parts that aren’t easily replaced. Installing a new HVAC system may be the more budget-minded option, after all.

3. Less Waste

Not only are high-efficiency HVAC systems less wasteful, but they’re smart about it, too. New systems can give you complete control so you’re not wasting cooling on unused rooms. Simply program the system to cool areas where you need it, and avoid cooling areas where you don’t. You’ll see immediate savings when you enjoy complete control.

4. Greater Control Options

Not only can you control where the cooling occurs, but you have complete climate control over your home in ways you never thought possible. Today’s technology provides programmable thermostats coupled with smartphone apps, putting you in charge of your home’s climate no matter where you are.

5. Tax Rebates

Almost any energy-efficient solution you can implement in your home comes with government perks – namely, a tax rebate. This will depend on the type and size of the unit you have installed, but current tax credits can cover up to 30 percent of the cost. What’s more, new constructions and existing homes both qualify. Upgrade now to enjoy that rebate come tax time.

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